Answer these Questions…

  • Are you feeling out of touch with video game news since becoming a Dad?

  • Do you feel like you only have maybe minutes to even play sometimes?

  • Are your kids actually winning without you letting them?

  • Want to listen to a Gaming podcast on the way to work?

Unlike this guy, we got you covered!

Don’t let Fatherhood cut your console cord!

Join our community to get all the Retro Gaming News, Tips and Tricks, and helpful parenting advice all in one place with Dads in the same position as you.

Why we do it.

I’ve been collecting and playing Video Games as far back Atari 2600 and Commodore 64 days. So needless to say I’ve seen a lot of changes.
As a father of four… yes… four kids. (Three boys and a girl) I can honestly say that my kids were practically born with a controller in hand. I understand that finding time for gaming can be extremely challenging.
Which is why I started this community on Xbox Live about 6 years ago.

Becoming a Dad doesn’t mean you have to give up on gaming. It does mean you will have limited time but, it also means you have a new Co-pilot, or Player 2 at the ready. We all know it can get frustrating playing “kid” games over and over.
But if you want to play with other Dads online who understand if you need to leave to handle the kids, or want to hear about some gaming news on our podcast.
We got your back. That’s why we’re here.

Welcome to Dad Gamers

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